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Foam for Kayaks

Foam for Kayaks

Kayaking, non-motorised, and motorised water sports have taken centre stage in recent times, often becoming the focal point of outdoor-based holidays and the hobby of many. The UK has many fantastic locations for water sports, ranging from coastal towns to the lakes of the north of England. Whether we're taking part in such activities at a dedicated water sports centre or using our own private equipment, comfort is just as important as safety when enjoying our excursions.

In some cases, comfort and safety go hand in hand. For example, the hollow rigid structure of a kayak often means the rider needs to be supported with additional means to have adequate control.

Foam found in water sports applications is typically closed-cell polyethylene foam, which is well known for its hygienic qualities that ensure it remains resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria, as well as appropriate cleaning chemicals. Likewise, given that water sports equipment typically undergoes heavy usage - particularly at public water sports centres - closed-cell polyethylene is durable enough to withstand general wear and tear.

Kayak watersports foam

Alternatively, Plastazote Superior closed-cell foam is also a popular option across a range of water sports applications. It is both water-resistant and non-absorbent, and as a closed-cell foam, it holds many identical properties that are seen in closed-cell polyethylene. Plastazote Superior closed cell foam is typically wrapped in a vinyl cover which is perfect for wipe-clean seating (and other) applications.

A popular use for foam is in kayak seating in order to make movement more comfortable. As kayaks are typically made from solid polyethylene plastic, they are not the most comfortable without adequate support.

Using our cut to size online tool, our foams - whichever one you choose - are available in any custom shape, depth, and dimension. This means that seat or back pads can be ordered in contoured shapes, either to a generic specification or to fit a certain individual, and can be as soft or as dense as preferred.

The same goes for seats on motorised water sports equipment. With the wide range of models on offer, it's assumed that replacing an existing foam seat can be tricky if not done through the manufacturer. However, with our cut to size capabilities, we can provide a solution to any seating specification. Then this foam can then be easily reupholstered by a maintenance technician, or with the right skills, by yourself!

In addition to seating, foam can be used in the form of hand grips and other comfort solutions for oars and other handlebars on motorised equipment such as jet skis. These also offer protection for the hands and are typically then wrapped with a rubber grip. Given these hand grips are often cleaned with gentle chemicals or other means such as sugar soap, using a suitably resistant foam to moisture and chemicals is crucial to ensure its longevity.

Please call one of our friendly colleagues for personal guidance on how foam can be purchased for your water sports activities.

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