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Foam for Pallet Furniture | Pallet Seating Foam

Furniture made from pallets & foam

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and conscious, the popularity of pallet furniture is on the rise. Pallet seating was once only known as a simple, cost effective situation for outdoor areas, particularly in pub gardens and other communal spaces that could be easily discarded. Now, sustainable and minimal living influencers are fuelling a drive in other types of pallet furniture, such as bed frames, dedicated meditation areas and indoor sofas.

Driven by those interested in minimal living, pallet bed frames are one of the latest trends. Design aside, these bed frames are popular because they are a cheap way for many to still own a frame made from solid wood. The difference is, pallets are unfinished, leaving plenty of room for a creative project that may entail certain specifications unavailable to buy on the high street. There are many customisations that you can opt for with pallet furniture. For example, a day bed can be created using six average sized pallets – four for the bottom and two placed on the long side as a backrest. With certain hooks and fastenings in place, this back component can be added or removed to your wishes.

Pallet upholstery projects with foam

With these possibilities in mind, pallets are not comfortable without additional components. This is where foam is the best and most versatile option to ensure that your new DIY pallet furniture is suitable for daily use. High density and medium-high density foams are our recommended options for pallet seating due to their durability and ability to maintain shape. After all, pallets are slatted and a softer material such as feathers or memory foam will likely sink into the slats if they are too far apart. However, if your pallets have slats situated closer together, there are several more options with regards to softer foams and memory foam.

There is just as much opportunity to use pallets to make a customised bed frame. For example, those wanting an all-in-one bed frame with adjoining side tables can use palettes to create one. When it comes to appropriate materials to ensure the comfort of a pallet bed, a combination of foam materials can be used. A memory foam mattress cut to size can be considered, but it must be accompanied by a high-density foam underlay to ensure proper support over the pallet’s slatted composition. Alternatively, a medium-high density reflex foam mattress is an excellent option.

DIY pallet foam seats

It’s clear that the key benefit of pallet furniture is its customisable nature, and foam is also accommodating of this too. A day bed made from upcycled pallets is the perfect example. For instance, foam cut to size can be used on both the base and the back side of the furniture. By using two foam components instead of one, they can be easily removed or added depending on circumstance. Are you wanting to use the day bed as a guest bed? Remove the supporting back foam. Wanting a day sofa? Keep both foam components on.

At eFoam, we pride ourselves on our excellent pallet furniture foam cut to size & shape foam capabilities and are proud that they help support sustainable upcycling initiatives like pallet furniture.

Should you wish to receive advice on how we can support your pallet furniture DIY projects, please contact us.

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