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Foam Garden Kneelers

Foam garden kneelers

In recent times, we’ve seen a huge up-rise in the number of people participating in DIY and garden activities. Reconnecting with nature is a healthy activity to embark on away from the TV and computer screen and provides many with a real sense of satisfaction and achievement. Gardening is an easy hobby to pick up, and whether you are keen to grow your own fruits and vegetables or would like to plant some flowers, there are a few basic pieces of equipment that avid gardeners recommend.

In addition to the trowel and fork, many amateur gardeners recommend the use of a garden kneeler mat. Despite first assumption, these are useful for people of all ages, not just for the elderly or for those with physical ailments. Spending a prolonged time sat on the floor or kneeling down to dig up earth and plant flowers is uncomfortable for many. However, there is an easy solution to improve your comfort, with garden kneeler foam mats suitable for use on soil, grass and harder surfaces such as patio stone.

Many large garden stores and DIY shops sell garden kneeler mats, and these are available in a range of sizes, materials and specifications. Most kneelers are comprised of a high-density polyurethane foam which is firm enough to maintain shape, support and comfort even under concentrated pressure – such as kneeling. These kneelers are also available in various shapes, including contoured floor seats. For those seeking additional comfort, memory foam kneelers can also be found, and are often made from a high-density polyurethane base topped with a memory foam layer.

Foam gardening mats

Despite the many kneelers now available, many individuals still find it difficult to find a product suitable for them. It’s incredibly easy to make your own foam kneeler by following a few simple steps. When buying such a product in store, you may not know of its foam material composition, and it is often difficult to find this out. However, this can be fully controlled when you create your own product using eFoam’s cut to size tool. With this tool, you can create a kneeler to your desired shape and size whilst selecting your very specification of foam material.

To begin creating your own DIY foam kneeler, tape a few pieces of A4 paper together and turn this over so the tape is underneath. This large sheet is required in order to draw out your kneeler to size. Draw your desired shape on the paper and if necessary, give any details of any gradients and contours in the material to accommodate for the perfect shape. This isn’t necessary however, as a flat foam kneeler works perfectly the same.

Waterproof garden kneeler pads

Next, choose your material. To draw out your fabric shape, trace around the template but add two inches to the template’s original size. This will accommodate room for the foam once the material is stitched and stuffed. Once complete, fold up your template and send it to us at eFoam – following our online instructions on the cut to size page – and we’ll cut your foam whilst you cut out your material.

Stitch your outer material together as desired, and fasten a small zip to one size. Once your foam arrives, it is ready to be inserted along with its stockinette. All that is left is to zip it up and get gardening!

You may also wish to create a garden kneeler without the need of an outer cover, for this we recommend waterproof foam such as Plastazote Superior Closed Cell foam which is rigid, lightweight and available in an array of colours.

For any advice regarding the creation of your own DIY kneeler, please contact us.

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