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Foam Shadow Boards

Foam for shadow boards

Initially developed for toolboxes, shadow boards are made from high-density polyethylene foam that is easily customisable to fit tools, gadgets and other items. A perfect solution for keeping things in order within a larger storage box or tray, shadow boards are useful for also maximising storage space in a given area. It works very much as its name implies – it is a foam sheet with cut in ‘shadows’ of the item that it holds.

Shadow boards are popular for engineers and those in other manual labour jobs that involve a lot of equipment. For those with many hand tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches, it’s tricky to tell the difference between different sized tools visually. Likewise, with so many identical items, keeping track of each one is easier said than done.

Not only do shadow boards help keep items in order, but they also offer protection. This is more applicable for tools that risk being damaged when in transit. Shadow boards are shallow enough to ensure that space is maximised within a toolbox but that items remain safe.

Die-cut foam for shadow boards

For other items that are requiring more secure storage to avoid damage, bespoke die-cut foam inserts are typically deeper and are best for transit packaging and flight cases. Unlike shadow boards, die-cut storage can be made from a range of foam grades, closed-cell polyethylene foam, laminated and bonded foam, as well as specialist foams such as Plastazote Superior closed-cell foam and Pyrosorb-S.

For tradespeople, shadow boards are vital for ensuring that tools and gadgets are not misplaced and always accounted for. With many owning specialist equipment, replacing such tools can be expensive. Furthermore, owning a shadow board reduces the risk of jobs being disrupted. If a tradesperson is waiting for a replacement tool, it goes without saying their work may be impacted by waiting for kit replacements.

Most shadow boards ordered from eFoam are made from EFP30 Closed-cell or LD33 Plastazote closed-cell foams in various colours. Both of these foams can be ordered in the form of a flat sheet and can then be cut into the correct shapes using a Stanley or scalpel knife or with internal cut-outs for the items using a die-cut process. Doing so is easy and can be as simple as tracing around the tool or item before slicing into the foam to the required depth. Alternatively, eFoam’s cut to size capabilities means that we can do this for you. Simply send us your required dimensions and a hand-drawn, true-to-size trace of your proposed shadow board via email, and we’ll do the rest!

Shadow board foam for tools

Foam shadow board inserts are not only suitable for tradespeople, but they are also helpful in the home too. For fine cutlery that risks being scratched or damaged within a draw, a very thin foam shadow board sheet is a non-intrusive and minimal storage solution that ensures such items are protected. Foam shadow board inserts are also a popular choice for the expert storage of specialist kitchen knives such as Japanese chef knives alongside other professional utensils that require certain care. Foam shadow boards are also an ideal solution for storing delicate or expensive collectables too.

Should you require any assistance when ordering foam shadow board inserts, please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable colleagues.

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