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Foam for life! The uses of foam throughout your lifetime

baby cot

From birth into the afterlife, foam plays a big part in people's lives. The uses of foam are many, and whether you notice or not, it's a versatile material that you will probably make use of more often than you think. Here's a timeline tracing foam in your life.

Foam noodle

Foam for the early years

Foam is a widely used material in cot and toddler bed mattresses. Soft and chemical free, cot safe foam mattresses provide comfort for babies and toddlers. If you're a parent, it's likely that any mattress you've purchased for a cot or toddler bed will have a foam filling.
The same is true for baby changing mats, which are typically filled with a thin layer of foam to provide comfort for your child anywhere that you use it, whether on a hard floor or a baby changing table.

Foam for play and fun

Children's soft play areas make use of foam for play mats, footballs, foam pits and more, providing hours of endless fun for kids. Foam keeps kids safe as they play, preventing injury.
Closed cell polyethylene foam is great for indoor soft play areas. It's non - absorbent, waterproof and rigid, keeping its shape despite constant use. Its waterproof qualities mean that its easy to clean, too.

Coach seating

Foam for school

Foam is often used to fill crash mats used for physical education at school, keeping pupils safe and free from injury during gym lessons. The foam used inside crash mats is highly durable and keeps it shape, even when in regular use or put into storage. Some swimming pool apparatus is made out of foam, too. For instance, swimming floats and noodles, which are widely used as part of school swimming lessons, are made using a lightweight waterproof foam.

Foam for travel

Whether you commute to work by car, bus, bike or train, it's likely that the seat you sit on is made from foam. As a cost-effective material, foam is widely used to fill a large number of seats. Seats for cars, buses, trains and bikes are mass produced. Manufacturers require a low-price, durable solution to keep manufacturing costs down and foam does the job.

Office seating

Foam for work

Plenty of office furniture is filled with foam, whether its seats in reception, chairs in the boardroom or the chair at your desk, foam is used to ensure comfort when in the workplace. If you work in a more informal environment with beanbags, window seats and big cushions, it's likely that they are filled with foam to provide absolute comfort.

Foam at home

Sofa and armchair cushions, mattresses, headboards, pet bed, garden furniture and more can be filled with foam. Memory foam is widely used for mattresses, providing supreme comfort and support for a great night's sleep. For sofa cushions and pet beds, high density foam is used for a firm but comfortable finish. High density foam is extremely durable and keeps its shape, making it ideal for the demands of family life.


Foam for the afterlife

Foam is widely used as a coffin liner, seeing you off into the afterlife in comfort. High density foam is the perfect padding on which you can be laid to rest.

Foam is the versatile, cost-effective material made for the demands of life and the afterlife. Efoam is the UK's number one online foam supplier. We make ordering foam easy. Contact us today by emailing info@efoam.co.uk or call us for free on 0800 043 9990.

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