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PPE Face Shield NHS approved foam

Face guard foam

Efoam manufacture a range of foams that are medically safe and suitable for applications such as face guards otherwise known as face shields and visors.

We are currently working to fulfil orders for many NHS Trust Hospitals as well as the private business sector supplying into the NHS supply chain.

Efoam are proud to be able to assist in providing essential foam components to the NHS and other private medical sectors during these unprecedented times.

As of 7th April 2020, eFoam have supplied just over 1 million foam components into the NHS supply chain since the COVID-19 crisis began in the UK.

Foam strips

Our foam products are naturally anti-bacterial. However, two primary grades of foam are more suitable for medical applications, one of which is an open-cell polyurethane foam. The open-cell polyurethane foam specifically used for face shields is latex free and provides comfort as well as protection due to its softer nature. It is more suited for one-time usage face masks/shields.

We also offer a particular grade of closed-cell polyethylene foam suitable for reusable masks. Polyethylene foam is also impervious to bacteria and can be cleaned, wiped and reused multiple times. This particular foam grade is more rigid than polyurethane foam but also lightweight and flexible.

Efoam are able to supply open cell and closed cell foams either in sheets or cut to size.

Thank you frontline NHS workers

As the UK's largest online foam supplier with over 20 years of experience & knowledge in foam grades, eFoam specialise in the conversion and fabrication of polyurethane foams in many sectors, including medical settings. We are vastly experienced in the field of supplying foams suitable for medical areas, rest assured our face shield foams are to the highest quality of standards and have been approved by NHS trusts, hospitals and supply chains.

Should you require any guidance on foam for NHS/Medical applications, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

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