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eFoam supporting small businesses

Supporting small businesses

Despite 2020 throwing a number of challenges our way, one thing it has shown is that we should all be supportive of small, local and independent businesses of all types. Bigger organisations should be doing what they can to help alleviate the effects of this turbulent year. We’ve seen a huge outpouring of community spirit, with many coming together to shop locally and buy from smaller traders. This got us at eFoam thinking about how we could best support these businesses.

With many other concerns on their plate, small businesses do not wish to be worrying about various aspects of their day to day operations. This includes having the right materials to hand, ready to fulfil their customer orders. We are proud to have supported a number of small businesses with countless custom orders and requests over the last few months. Likewise, we are proud to use our platform, followed by many of our loyal customers, to showcase some of the fantastic work done by a range of small craft traders that we supply. Many examples can be found on our eFoam Instagram page.

Foams for small businesses

One of our fantastic customers, Danielle, makes craft toy boxes with a foam-topped seating element, and another, Karen, owner of Itzokazbo, uses many different types of foam cut to size to complete many of her handmade products, ranging from personalised cushions to supportive seating for toy trucks.

We provide many different types of foam for a range of uses. For many small traders – often those creating and selling delicate items – bespoke packaging is usually at the top of the agenda. By simply sending us a template or by chatting through exact requirements with one of our advisers, we use our cut to size capabilities to create high-quality custom foam packaging inserts that are incredibly cost effective. Furthermore, we are often tasked with providing various foam parts to precise specifications, which are typically used in a number of cases such as custom seating and personalised floor cushions.

Itzokazbo small business

Some of the questions we are commonly asked by small traders and businesses looking for advice on foam include the most suitable foam for their project. Likewise, this also includes questions on the most cost-effective way of ordering foam products in order to keep their costs down. That said, many of the small businesses we engage with typically utilise our bags of foam offcuts for both packaging and/or for stuffing craft items such as soft toys and decorative ornaments.

With our cut to size capabilities, we can support all types of requests – both big and small – to exact specifications, and with our longstanding industry experience, we can recommend the correct type of foam for each use.

At eFoam, we are experts in supplying foam materials of all types to large and international corporations, and to smaller businesses and individual hobbyists. We pride ourselves on delivering our best quality and customer support to all, regardless of order size.

For support with your own foam orders and enquiries, please contact one of our friendly advisers.

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