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Egg crate foam for mattresses

Egg profile convoluted mattress toppers

Foam mattress toppers are excellent for ensuring improved comfort. They can be used as an added luxury for existing mattresses or improve ageing mattresses where support needs to be improved. Likewise, many people use a mattress topper to alleviate back and joint pains, including arthritis.

While standard flat memory foam toppers are most commonly known, convoluted foam toppers – also known as ‘egg crate’ foam toppers – are an excellent choice for various reasons.

Convoluted foam mattress toppers come in various shapes and sizes, not necessarily representing an ‘egg crate’ shape. Some have more dramatic points, and others are wave-like. The egg crate shape is known for its massaging feel and the significant improvements to blood flow. Likewise, the open crate shapes aid for good airflow around and under the body.

For these reasons, convoluted foam toppers are also very popular in the healthcare and medical space, and for those with physical needs that require adequate support such as back pain and sciatica.

Egg crate foam mattress topper

With added airflow under a patient, the risk of bedsores and fevers are reduced. Reflex Superior foam is incredibly supportive – more so than memory foam – as it is not as viscoelastic, meaning it does not mould to the body as quickly. It is known to compress at a reduced percentage compared to similar foams and is very durable. Convoluted Reflex Superior foam toppers are beneficial for the user and for the overall condition of a mattress by offering another layer of protection from spills, dirt, dust, and the weight pressure of the user.

Convoluted Reflex Superior foam toppers are praised for their natural orthopaedic qualities, which help keep the spine aligned in the same way as memory foam toppers. With its large bubble structure, the air is displaced in Reflex Superior foam rather than eliminated, meaning that such toppers spring back into their original shape very quickly. In short, this ensures that the user does not sink into the topper in the same way that commonly happens with memory foam toppers.

Compared to a flat foam mattress topper, the responsive structure of convoluted foam toppers provide good weight distribution. The peaks and dips present within the egg-crate shape help reduce pressure on shoulders and hips, making them an excellent, supportive solution for side sleepers. That said, back and front sleepers can benefit just as well from the firm support of this mattress topper.

Luxury egg profile convoluted foam topper

Convoluted foam mattress toppers are available cut to size or shape via our online tool. For the highest level of support, we recommend choosing a convoluted Reflex grey firm foam sheet. For a slightly lower firmness, Reflex Superior foam is also available in a medium density. For easy reference, Reflex medium foam from eFoam is pink/peach, whereas Reflex firm foam is a pale grey.

For more information on mattress toppers via eFoam or detailed guidance on entire foam mattresses, please further explore our website and blog pages.

Should you require reliable personal advice, contact one of our friendly colleagues who will be more than happy to help.

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