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How to Use Foam Crumbs for Stuffing or Refills

Foam crumbs infographic

What is foam crumb?

Foam crumb, quite simply, is small chips of foam. It is typically a by-product of foam offcuts which are then shredded into foam flakes and foam chips and repurposed into many uses. As a result, it’s far better wearing than other synthetic materials used to stuff toys, cushions, and more. In items like beanbags, foam crumb is far more comfortable than conventional polystyrene beads. It is mostly available in a mixed range of densities and thicknesses.

Foam crumb is also available in a compacted foam slab known as reconstituted foam, which is typically used in high-use applications such as public transport seating, gym mats and pub seating.

What can you do with crumbed foam?

The possibilities are endless with crumbed foam. It is low-cost, easy available and can be used in scatter cushions, floor cushions, pet beds, bean bags, and toys.

There are different types of foam crumb. Shredded foam crumb is a great option for living room cushions and pillows. These thin shredded pieces ensure that cushions do not feel as lumpy as whole crumbed foam, as the pieces can flexibly move about in a pillowcase. Memory foam crumb is the by-product of memory foam mattress production and is also great for cushions and bolsters. Naturally, it has many of the same properties as a memory foam mattress. It is water, odour, flea and UV resistant.

Stuffing your beanbags and similar items with crumbed foam is also a more environmentally friendly option. Polystyrene beads in such items have been found in waterways, and re-filling a beanbag with polystyrene balls is a task in itself! Crumbed foam is far easier to place in the relevant end product and is incredibly cost-efficient.

Memory foam crumb filling can be used in orthopaedic pet beds as it is very supportive. Many pets love to dig and fluff up their beds, and foam crumb filling enables them to do this better than a single foam sheet or block. If your pet likes to sink into their bed, memory foam crumb filling is a good choice.

How do you shred foam?

Most suppliers provide foam pre-shredded or crumbed. If you have some old foam blocks or sheets, shredding foam into smaller chips and pieces is easy. One of the easiest ways is by using a bread knife to achieve a crumbed look, or you can use scissors for strips.

Are foam flakes toxic?

Foam crumbs and flakes, when purchased from a responsible UK manufacturer, are non-toxic.

Shredded foam crumbs

Due to the nature of memory foam, however, it may be an unsuitable option for those with allergies and those who are sensitive to chemical smells. The chemical smell of memory foam is entirely normal and does reduce over time.

Why are foam chips considered the best filler?

Foam chips are incredibly versatile and there aren’t many limitations to their use. They are also available in large quantities for a low price, given that many are made from foam manufacturing offcuts.

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