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Foam for DIY Balcony Revamp

Foams used for balconies

If you have a balcony or a small outdoor space, you may be wondering how best to customise the area. Likewise, doing so need not cost a fortune! Two simple things can be done to revamp your outdoor space, involving EPDM foam, upholstery polyurethane foam, and a few basic DIY skills.

Revamping a balcony can ensure the space becomes safer and more practical, and more aesthetically pleasing. Many balconies and outdoor spaces that are made with a concrete floor are slippery when wet, which present a danger to the user. EPDM foam, a closed-cell sponge rubber foam, can be used as an entire sheet or separate tile pieces to cover a floor. EPDM is flame retardant – complying with balcony fire safety standards - and is also incredibly weatherproof, temperature resistant, and waterproof.

EPDM foam can make a balcony or patio floor more comfortable, particularly for young children. Likewise, if you typically use the space barefoot, it is similar to that of soil. It is suitable for light usage and easy to install on an old, sealed floor. It is a cost-efficient and high-quality option that avoids the need for expensive building work, and such a job can easily be done on your own! However, if you consider replacing your entire balcony or small patio floor, EPDM foam can help create a hard-wearing, waterproof later underneath a tiled, paved or deck floor.

Revamping your balcony space with foam

Alternatively, suppose your balcony or outside space is present on top of a flat roof. In that case, EPDM foam is a suitable option to replace an existing underlay as it is typically the material of choice for flat roofs.

In addition to a new flooring solution for your balcony or outside space, upgrading your outdoor furniture can also be a straightforward DIY job with suitable materials. Many of us with balconies have wooden table and chair sets or rattan-style egg – or bucket – chairs. Although such designs look slick, they are not always the most comfortable. By using upholstery foam, you can easily order a seat cushion or back pad cut to size and shape to fit the seat in question.

To do so, measure the base seat of your chair (width and depth) and repeat with the backrest (width and height) before entering your dimensions into our cut to size online tool. When upholstering your foam, we also advise using stockinette to ensure easy installation of the foam cushion. Although upholstery foam is the most popular choice for outdoor seating, it is not waterproof, so covering your chairs with a waterproof cover when not in use is highly advised.

For a more weatherproof option, you may consider using water-resistant foams such as Plastazote Superior closed-cell foam, which is non-absorbent. However, this foam is not as comfortable for all outdoor seats where comfort is key as it is very high density. There are various options to choose foam for outdoor seating, and our friendly colleagues at eFoam will be happy to advise further!

For more information on upgrading your balcony or outdoor patio space using foam, please contact us.

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