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2021: Another fantastic year!

Goodbye 2021

As another successful - albeit different - year draws to a close, we at eFoam wanted to reflect on the successes and achievements of our customers, long-term clients, and more. What’s become clear is that we’re all having to find new ways to adapt to changing working and economic environments, but in the face of adversity we’ve all worked together to come out strong.

We’d like to begin by offering a huge thank you to every one of our customers for their support and custom this year. It has been fantastic to see the range of projects being undertaken - from individual DIY activities and home improvements, to the work of our larger commercial customers. As we continue to face unprecedented circumstances as a result of the pandemic and more, we also want to thank our customers for their understanding and loyalty whilst we work to deliver the best service we possibly can in these ever-changing circumstances.

This year has been all about growth for eFoam in various different ways. We have added two fantastic colleagues to our marketing and sales team and a further two skilled individuals to our warehouse team. Our staff have helped support the launch of fantastic new products this year, including egg crate-style mattress foam toppers and EPDM foam in various sheet sizes and thicknesses.

It is due to the support of our staff that we have been able to expand the services available to our customers too. We have added to our foam cutting capabilities, increasing the range of techniques we are able to use. Our goal over the coming year is to develop these new products and services even further, as well as focusing on how we broaden our sustainability strategy. In 2022, we will be exploring new methods for recycling our foams both at home and in the factory.

Goodbye to 2021, bring on 2022

What’s more is that we’ve spent 2021 investing in technology and machinery. We’ve purchased state of the art equipment to offer our customers the very best of products, and we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with industry-leading suppliers globally to ensure that our product offering grows from strength to strength in 2022.

In November, we visited the popular Foam Expo Europe in Germany, a specialist trade fair and conference for the manufacturers and buyers of technical foam products and technologies. There we established some brilliant new relationships and generated some inspiring ideas for our own services.

Alongside the various opportunities brought to us this year, a key challenge behind the scenes for us at eFoam has been the ongoing impact of the supply chain crisis. Whether due to factors relating to Covid or Brexit, or other events out of our control, we’ve been faced with disruption across the board when it comes to sourcing the raw materials required to provide our customers with the quality foam products they know so well. As we continue to navigate a complex landscape, we wish to thank our customers once again for their understanding and support.

As the year quickly draws to a close, the eFoam team is very much looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in 2022. With new products, services, and plans on the horizon, we are excited to continue providing our brilliant customers with high-quality, accessible foam products.

From all of us here at eFoam, we wish you a wonderful festive season and a fantastic New Year!

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