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Halloween foam light-box

Halloween foam crafts

A family favourite craft activity over the Halloween period is the carving of pumpkins. However, this can be tiring and cumbersome – especially when children want to get involved. Gutting and carving a pumpkin is often left to an adult. Furthermore, real pumpkins understandably begin to look old and rotten not long after they have been cut. This is not ideal given most of us like to show our lanterns for a week or two. Luckily, there is a great alternative in place of using a pumpkin.

It is well known that many types of foam are brilliant crafting materials, and the same goes for their use in Halloween activities. Given that it is typically children who carve and enjoy pumpkin lanterns, there may also be concerns around the use of real candles within them. Using upholstery foam, an alternative jack-o-lantern like lightbox can be created. This is a fantastic solution for all – foam is soft and flexible, and can be easily carved, cut and glued by children and those not skilled in handicrafts.

There are a number of decorations that can be made for Halloween using foam; however, we’re going to focus on an easy to create lightbox. First, you need to decide on the size of your lantern. If you are after a lightbox similar in size to a large pumpkin, we’d recommend using our foam cut to size tool to order two 25cm by 25cm sheets and two 19cm by 25cm sheets, all approximately 3cm thick. At this thickness, it is best to carve out shapes in your foam using a craft knife, but scissors can be used. At the same time, order a top piece measuring 25cm by 25cm, and 1cm thick.

Foam pumpkins

Your foam can be ordered in a range of colours, but given foam can be painted, this need not matter. For guidance on how to prepare and paint foam, read our dedicated blog here. Once all your foam pieces arrive, it’s time to get started. Take one of the 25cm by 25cm pieces and stencil out your desired design on one side, just as you would on a pumpkin. Next, take a craft knife (or scissors) and cut this out. For best effect, ensure the cutouts are a big enough size for the inner light to glow through once complete. Next, it’s time to put your lightbox together.

Using a strong, clear adhesive, hold your pieces together in a cube shape. For these pieces to slot together (and therefore be fully topped and covered by the 25cm x 25cm top piece), you need to ensure that the 25cm by 25cm pieces are placed opposite from each other. This then means that the 19cm x 25cm pieces are also opposite one another. Use glue to seal the edges together and leave to dry. Once dry, apply adhesive to the top edge and attach your top piece. Leave to dry for another three to four hours. The underneath should be empty, leaving you with a bottomless, freestanding cube shape.

It’s now time to decorate! If you wish to paint your lightbox, ensure to prepare the foam properly and select an appropriate paint, as outlined in our detailed blog. You can also use the same clear adhesive to stick on other decorations, such as pom-poms and other Halloween decorations. Place your light inside and watch your design glow!

For guidance on any cut to size enquiries, please contact us.

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