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How to reuse old foam

Repurpose old foams

Sustainability is at the heart of all our operations at eFoam. In recent years, the conversation around how we can all be more environmentally friendly has grown considerably. We at eFoam are continuously doing what we can to do our bit. In addition to the many sustainability and recycling initiatives now popular among consumers, we’re pleased to say that our production at eFoam has been environmentally conscious for many years. All our foams are made without the use of harmful and toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

We offer the opportunity for all customers to purchase foam offcuts that can be used in many applications. This is part of our mission to ensure that no foam scraps end up in landfills but are instead suitably repurposed in a range of applications. Our foam offcuts are great for craft and DIY products and can be purchased in bulk. However, many of us already have access to foams within our own homes that are ready to be repurposed and given a new lease of life.

If you are looking to replace your old foam mattress, you may be wondering how best to pass it on and ensure it does not end up in a landfill. Items such as foam mattresses are typically difficult to donate or recycle for hygiene reasons. Therefore, repurposing one at home is one of the best outcomes for when it needs to be replaced. One way that a foam mattress can be given a new lease of life is to repurpose it into an indoor or outdoor pallet chair (if outdoor, correct waterproof upholstery must be used).

Reuse old foams

For example, creating a pallet chair is straightforward with a single mattress, which typically measures 190cm in length and is 90cm wide. Begin by stripping any top covers or materials to expose the core foam parts and using a large sharp knife or industrial-sized craft scissors, proceed to split it into three 60cm equal parts (from head-to-toe end). These can then be upholstered in the desired fabric. Using two pallets of an appropriate size, these can be affixed together into a seat shape, and the upholstered cushions can be secured with metal poppers or another attachment. This seat can be used outdoors when placed on a patio or can be suitably attached to ropes and hung to make a summer swing seat.

Alternatively, once you have cut up your mattress, you can also use the foam to upholster a DIY ottoman footstool or storage box. As foam mattresses are typically made from medium-high to high-density polyurethane foam, such foam has the perfect durability and support for such applications. Simply take one section of your foam mattress and slice it in half (or to your desired height/thickness), and place this on top of your footstool or ottoman frame.

Should you wish to use your old mattress foam as a base foam and top this with a new piece of memory foam or similar, you can use our online cut to size tool to specify a piece to your requirements.

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