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Theatre & Cinema foam seats

Comfy cinema seats

Seating is a key part of the cinema and theatre experience. At eFoam, we specialise in making seating solutions for our commercial and independent customers as comfortable and practical as possible. Whether you are looking for foam to refurbish an existing seating set up, or foam for a new seating instalment, we have worked with those looking for traditional solutions and more modern seating.

Ordering via eFoam will ensure a high-quality solution for your guests without a huge, costly investment. Our foam is cut to size on our premises using state of the art equipment, meaning that no job is too large or too complex. There are various foam grades available for your theatre, cinema room or auditorium to suit your needs and budget.

Our medium to medium-high density, branded Reflex polyurethane foam is an excellent choice for both theatre and cinema seating. Its high durability and ability to spring back into shape make it a perfect option for a seat that needs to bounce back to its original shape after a guest has sat in it for a few hours. This is particularly the case for cinemas where films are often played back-to-back with various different showings.

Flexible polyurethane foam is also incredibly hypoallergenic, which makes it a safe choice for all guests. Additional qualities of polyurethane foam include a resistance to cleaning chemicals and being anti-bacterial. For thinner seats, severe very high-density foam can be sourced, and this is best used in seating applications where the seat cushions are less than 7.5cm in depth.

Theatre seating foams

An alternative high-quality yet cost-efficient option for theatre and cinema seating is ‘crumb’ or reconstituted foam. An incredibly resilient, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting foam product, reconstituted foam is a unique solution made from leftover parts of polyurethane foam that are then compacted and bonded together. This foam is an excellent choice for any public seating that endures heavy usage. Reconstituted foam is available in different weights and strengths depending on the intended use, but it is best used in seats that require a longer life span. Like standard polyurethane foam, reconstituted foam can be cut to any size, shape, and depth and can be used in conjunction with an additional foam if desired.

For a more luxurious feel, memory foam can also be used in both traditional and modern seats. Memory foam is typically bound to another firmer foam – such as a high-density polyurethane foam – to create a softer cushion that is just as supportive for the user. However, those with home cinemas and other private spaces are often more inclined to use memory foam, as these spaces are often only for a few hours or so at a time. Seats in private cinemas do not demand the incredible resilience and durability of the foams used in public cinemas and theatres that are in constant use. That said, we at eFoam would be happy to assist with appropriate combined memory foam and polyurethane foam solution that is best suited to your requirements.

Should you require personal assistance when sourcing your theatre or cinema seat foam, please contact one of our friendly advisers.

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