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Why use foam for packaging?

Foam packaging solutions

It can be expensive your products should they become damaged during shipment. There are many different ways manufacturers can keep their packages protected. Packaging foam ensures excellent protection. Due to the recent COVID-19 crisis, many consumers are turning to online transactions, so it’s even more important to use high-quality foam to protect products against severe falls and bumps.

Keeping that in mind, here are some key reasons for using foam for packaging applications:

Better Flight Safety- flight safety regulations are stringent and packaging foam can ensure better safety. Damaged packaging may be potentially risky during flight. In certain cases, important fluid-based products may not be transported by air. Flight cases with packaging foam protection can prevent spills. eFoam can provide packaging foam cut to size to match the dimension of the products and flight cases.

Flight case packaging foam

Space and Weight Efficiency- when transporting products in cardboard boxes with airplanes, space and weight efficiency is an important consideration. Compared to other protective applications, like wood crates, packaging foam saves space and is much lighter. It’s easy to cut packaging foam to ensure that it remains compact. Even if the packaging foam is bulky, the overall weight will remain low, ensuring tremendous cost savings.

Good Thermal Insulation- certain products are sensitive to thermal fluctuations. Heat is transferred through radiation, convection, or conduction. High or sub-zero temperatures can cause damage to delicate electronics. Closed cell foams are excellent packaging foam materials to maintain thermal insulation.

Maintain Company Brand- proper use of packaging foam can be beneficial to your brand. When customers unbox the products, they will be glad to see the excellent protection provided by the packaging foam.

Packaging foam is a low-cost & lightweight material, thus keeping shipping costs to a minimum. It’s easy for businesses to impress customers without spending much money. Reliable shipments will ensure repeat purchases, because customers are confident that their products will be kept protected. Optionally, packaging foam can be customised with unique logos, colours and shape to match the company’s brand.

To learn more benefits of using packaging foam for protective packaging applications, see our many other packaging foam related blogs, or contact our friendly advisors today.

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